Our Story

Our Passion, Their Joy: Unveiling the Story Behind Rods and Reels in Need

Discover the heartfelt journey that led to the creation of Rods and Reels in Need. From a bamboo stick and balls of bread in the Philippines to a thriving non-profit organization, our founder's love for fishing ignited a mission to bring joy and opportunity to those who need it most. Dive into our story and join us in making waves of change through the power of fishing.


Our Core Values



Feel the compassion that drives us. We understand the challenges and aim to make a positive impact on lives through our mission.



Build connections. Together, we create a community that shares the love of fishing and supports those in need.



Our efforts resonate through the joy we bring to kids, veterans, and the broader community. Real Impact, Real Change.

About Us

Our Fishing Mission

Discover the origins of Rods and Reels in Need – a journey that began with a bamboo stick and balls of bread on the shores of the Philippines. From these humble beginnings emerged a non-profit organization fueled by a deep love for fishing. Today, we're on a mission to spread the joy of fishing to those who might otherwise miss out.

In the Our Story section, witness the evolution of a simple passion into a powerful force for change. Explore how makeshift childhood gear laid the foundation for our commitment to providing fishing gear, especially for kids and veterans. Join us in making waves of change through the shared joy of fishing.


Every cast carries a shared commitment.


Making waves of change through joy.


Providing gear, especially for kids and veterans.

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Joining Rods and Reels in Need has been a life-changing experience for me and my family. The organization's dedication to providing fishing gear to those in need is truly admirable. Thanks to them, we've discovered the joy of fishing, creating lasting memories together. Their impact is immeasurable, and we're grateful for the positive change they bring to communities.

Happy Clients

Our event was transformed by Rods and Reels in Need. The team went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. The provided fishing gear added an unforgettable element to our gathering. Their commitment to spreading joy through fishing is evident in every detail. Thank you for making our event a cherished and remarkable occasion.

Happy Clients

The generosity of Rods and Reels in Need has made a significant difference in our community. The donated fishing gear has not only provided a source of enjoyment but has also strengthened the bonds within our neighborhood. We're thankful for their commitment to sharing the joy of fishing and making a positive impact on people's lives.

Happy Clients